Spread a Little Sunshine

My whole life, I have loved words. In fact, the first word my mother taught me to write was “love,” and it seemed fitting, as my love affair with words has been the steadiest and truest of all. As a child I found pleasure in finding words in books that I did not know. I relished the moments in which I used a new word correctly in conversation, and I was probably the only person at Mercy High School Burlingame that enjoyed Mrs. Mountain’s infamous vocabulary tests (shout out to any Mercy Girls that are reading this!). It is because of my love affair with books and with words that writing has always become a source of solace for me. For years my friends and family alike have told me to write a blog and I have resisted. Vehemently I resisted. But it is a cloudy day, I have words in my brain, and, this time, instead of putting them on a word document that I close without clicking “save changes,” I am posting them on the World Wide Web. For me, for you, for anyone that also might love words, and anyone that might find my self-deprecating humor enjoyable.

The question I must immediately address, I imagine, is why Spread a Little Sunshine? It sounds so terribly cheery, far too cheery for most, indeed. But you see, as a child, my mom liked to give advice. Don’t all moms? She would remind us of our manners, tell us to make good choices, and a litany of other after school special one liners. We got every cliché in the book. But there is one thing that my grandmother invented and my mother all but patented. Every single day of my almost 28 years my mother has reminded me to “spread a little sunshine.” And here’s the best part: she really means it. She actually wants us to put sunshine in dark corners. My grandmother always told us that you can’t fix the whole world, but that you can brighten your little corner of it. “Spreading a little sunshine” is the way my mother helped her daughters to understand how to do just that. There are many, many ways in which she has taught us to spread sunshine, but the crux of it all is this: It is absolutely our job to share joy. And, simplistically, if we all did, then the world would be a better place.

So, this is my little corner of the world. This is how I choose to spread sunshine. On here I will find ways to spread sunshine from my life to yours. That is my favorite part about blogs. I read some first thing when I wake up. I stumble upon some on a gloomy Thursday nights. But whenever and whoever’s I am reading, the point is that, similar to when I read my beloved fiction, the words transport me. I do not think about the laundry or work or my bills whilst reading. I think about the beautiful things that my favorite bloggers choose to showcase. And that is what I intend to do here. While reading, I hope that you are removed from sadness, or even just monotony, into a more sunshiny place. Stay tuned, if you are so inclined, and I hope I can spread a little sunshine to you.

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