Pumpkins and Apples and Wine, Oh My!

In case you missed it, I love fall. I had a conversation with my mom the other day about how we would argue that pictures of babies in pumpkin patches are actually cuter than Christmas photos. Is it because everything is so round? Whatever the reason, pumpkin patches are just a delight. About a month ago, we all got an invite from our friend Autumn inviting us to a “Fall Fete.” Needless to say, we all RSVP’d “yes!”

Early in the morning we jumped in the car and headed out to Delaplane, Virginia. One of my favorite parts of living in Virginia is that while we live in a very busy city, we are only a short car ride away from the country. About 30 minutes into the ride the highways started disappearing making room for the rolling hills in autumnal tones. It was just lovely!


When we arrived at Hollin Farms, we were pleasantly surprised at the sheer size! Googling can only tell you so much, but this place was absolutely perfect! The first stop? The snack bar. Is there anything that puts you in the mood for fall quite like apple cider donuts? I don’t think so.

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With rows and rows of apples to choose from, we were a little overwhelmed! Luckily, the farmers guided us to where the best apples (some I had never even heard of!) were for what we were looking for. My sister is coming to visit next week, and since she and I have pie baking plans, I took the advice of the farmers and went straight for the Empire Apples.

What I really love about apple picking is that it is quite a process. You find out exactly how picky you are when deciding which ones to choose, and you really realize how fortunate we are to have major retailers do the picking for us! It is hard work finding the perfect one!

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We picked every beautiful apple we saw, and then headed back down the hill to the patch for pumpkins!

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After a long morning of working our way through crops, we were excited about something a little more relaxing. We had passed a winery on the highway on the way down, so we decided it was the perfect detour on our way back!

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Delaplane Cellars is easily the best surprise of the whole day. The grounds are absolutely breathtaking, and we couldn’t help but contemplate knocking on the door of the few homes surrounding the area to ask if they were interested in selling!

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Inside, visitors are greated with vaulted ceilings, a gorgeous patio to enjoy a glass or two, and a warm and inviting staff. The fact that the wine was just wonderful didn’t hurt either!

 There was an acoustic band playing music in the corner, and bright sunshine beaming soft fall light in through the floor to ceiling glass doors.

Cheers to good friends, and a perfect Fall Fete!

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