Why Mondays are the Greatest Day of the Week

There is a meme that I love so very much. It reads “Do sharks complain that it is Monday? No. They are up early, biting things, being scary, reminding people that they are a {expletive} shark.” I think about this every Monday. Expletive aside, I really think that whoever put this together was on to something. Because it isn’t just sharks that don’t complain about Mondays. I don’t either. Unpopular opinion: Mondays are the very best day of the week.

I think my love of Mondays stems from my love of challenges and new beginnings. It is only October, and my mother and I are already discussing our New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Because we love the opportunity to start fresh, begin again, clean the slate. That is what is so wonderful about Mondays. Every Monday is an opportunity to do better. Every Sunday I am determined that Monday will be the first day of the rest of my life.

On Monday morning I wake up and I firmly believe that I will eat perfectly clean. I will not hit the candy bowl. I will workout every single day. I will go to bed on time so that I get eight hours of sleep. On Monday morning, I am the most motivated girl in the world.

By Wednesday, I haven’t always stayed on track. As I write this it is only Tuesday and I’ve already fallen into the candy bowl. The point isn’t to be perfect. I by no means succeed every time. The point is that because it is a new week, I get to give myself the emotional reboot.

Once I started writing this, I was shocked to realize how many opportunities I find to start anew. Every Monday I am going to be great with my health. Every first of the month James and I are going to stay under our monthly budget. Every new year is going to be the year that I _______. I love these reboots because they give me renewed opportunities to set, and, often, achieve goals. One of the reasons that I love Pure Barre so much is because they count your classes, and they recognize your entry into the “club” when you reach a certain threshold. I didn’t want to go to class on Monday morning, but I am seeking entry into the 500 club by the end of December, so I went.

Some goals are large, some, like remembering to take my multi-vitamin everyday, are small. Some have a great impact if they aren’t achieved, while others wouldn’t even make a blip on the radar. The reason that I am constantly setting these goals every week is because even if I don’t succeed, I get closer to the goal than I was before. I may not reach class 500 by the end of December, but if the quest for that number gets me to class 25 times this month? I’d still say I was victorious.

If you find yourself complaining about Monday, remember that Monday is actually here for you. The day was created for you to be able to try again. It doesn’t matter if last week you worked 20 hours of overtime so you didn’t get enough sleep, you didn’t drink enough water, or you went to McDonalds three times. This Monday doesn’t care what you did last Thursday. This Monday is a golden opportunity to be your very best self.

Sunday night, plan for your Monday. I like to set big lofty dreams to kill my Sunday night blues. It doesn’t have to be that significant, though. Try just telling yourself that starting on Monday, you are going to make the bed every day for five days straight. Maybe decide that you are going to floss every day that you week. Whatever it is that you know you should be doing, and aren’t, see if Monday can be your first day for trying it. You might be surprised how motivating it is.

People are often posting “motivation Monday” memes on fitness Instagram accounts. I love these, and I support these, but I don’t need them. To me, Monday is the only motivating factor that I need. And if I don’t succeed? Another one will roll around in 6 days. The opportunities are endless. Give it a try, and then see if you still think I’m crazy for thinking it is the best day of the week.

One thought on “Why Mondays are the Greatest Day of the Week”

  1. Your mother has taught me to “Love” Mondays! It is a new beginning just like you say and I am okay with a new start—even if it is just in hopes of doing better each week. Love this one!


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