African Peanut Soup

I’ve mentioned on here before that my mother has recently gone plant-based. While the transition has been an enormous lesson, it has also been an opportunity for expanding our recipe book. We used to joke that mom only had “five famous meals” and when we sat down at the table for dinner we would playfully exclaim “Oh good! Number 4, my favorite!” To be fair, she only had five meals because there were only five meals that her picky daughters could all agree on! Since we have grown, and so, too, have our palettes, we have learned that our mother is an extraordinary and quite adventurous cook! One great example: this African Peanut Soup!

I love winter for three reasons. First, I love soft and cozy clothes. Second, I love how easy it is to make an enormous pot of soup that can last a week. Third, I love that “comfort” becomes one of the key ingredients in all meals. This soup is no exception. Is there anything that can settle your heart quite like a steaming pot of soup on the stove when the temperature outside is in the single digits?



1 cup of barley or brown rice

4 cups of vegetable broth

1/2 red onion,chopped into teeny tiny bites (who wants a big bite of onion?)

1.5 cups of chopped carrots

1.5 cups of chopped zucchini

1 can of garbanzo beans

3 Tbsp tomato paste

4 Tbsp peanut butter

1 garlic clove, minced

2 Tbsp soy sauce

A few dashes of hot sauce

1/2 Tbsp ground ginger


Bring vegetable broth to boil.

Cut all vegetables and add to the broth.


Add the garlic and ginger to the broth.

Add tomato paste and peanut butter and allow to melt.


Add in garbanzo beans.


Add in the soy sauce and hot sauce and let simmer.


Serve over rice or barley.

What I really love about this recipe is how well it reheats. One batch makes six generous servings. I actively look forward to work on the days that I have this in my lunch box because I know it will be a delightful lunch time!


One cup of barley and one cup of soup leaves us full and happy all afternoon!


African peanut soup – good for your (literal) heart, and good for the soul!




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