Wedding Registry Must Haves

I have had quite a few friends get engaged recently. It is just wonderful, and with it comes the excitement of all of the various wedding activities. One of these, of course, is registering for gifts! James and I were overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and family during our engagement season, and I am so grateful for all of the gifts we received. Since many of my friends are registering and have asked what were the most practical and useful things we registered for, I thought it might be fun to do a whole post on it!

If you like to meal prep…

Crate and Barrel Rectangle Storage Container

Crate and Barrel Round Storage Bowl Set



This sounds so silly, but I actually think these are my favorite items we registered for. Following the wedding I even went back and got more. The glass doesn’t take on the color of some stain-heavy foods like tomato soup or chili. Because of this, whatever you put in them is always appetizing. Seriously. You know when you get an older plastic Tupperware and you go to put watermelon in it but it’s orangey and it makes you lose your appetite? Never an issue with these!

If you are a baker…


You have to get the Kitchenaid. I wanted one for years and years. When I moved in to my first grown up apartment after college, there was a surprise knock on my door. The UPS man stood there holding a Kitchenaid box. I thought it was a joke! My big sister, whom we affectionately refer to as the “fairy godmother” had sent me a Kitchenaid as my housewarming gift! Can you imagine? I love my Kitchenaid Mixer, and I really love that it will last for decades. That said, if you don’t bake, don’t register for one! It is huge, and heavy, and takes up a great deal of space on your counter. If it is something that you will use, it’s worth it. If not, skip it!

If you like to make a lot of stir-frys…


This pan is my favorite thing. It is enormous! You know when you are making a pasta dish or a stir fry and as you start adding things in you realize that you are going to have to stir very carefully or else you are going to start spilling over? That never happens with this one! Stir with wild abandon! The whole stovetop is your oyster!

If you have a small kitchen…



One of the hardest parts about apartment life is the lack of kitchen space. I have two drawers in my kitchen. TWO. This means that often things that would get stuffed in a cabinet go front and center on the counter. Luckily, some of my wedding presents made me want to show them off! A pretty crock really doesn’t take up that much room, and if you are getting married, I recommend registering for all matching utensils. You will never in your life have an excuse to buy all brand new ones so they match, but a registry allows you to focus on the aesthetic. James and I love the Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Utensils. Bonus? They all run between 5-15 dollars. A friend that wishes to give you a gift but can’t afford the big ticket items can easily grab a few of these and will be able to spend the amount they wish to spend!

Other things to register for:

  1. Wine Glasses – Make sure to buy ones that can be replaced one by one! Breaks happen!
  2. Quality Dishes – Our generation will never use fine china, but that doesn’t mean we can’t upgrade from our Target Threshold brand dishes!
  3. A toaster oven – My favorite thing on a hot day when I don’t want to heat up the apartment with the big oven!
  4. Any missing items in your apartment – James was the most thrilled that we finally got a really big trashcan! So simple, but so joyous!


Remember, the biggest question to ask yourself is: “Will I actually use this?” Just because you have the opportunity to make an unlimited wish list doesn’t mean you need to register for everything under the sun! Vary the price points, let yourself register for the things you really will use happily, and then just be very very grateful that you get to do this!

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