No. 7 – The Number One Skin Care Line in my Book

I will never forget the first time I realized I needed an eye cream. It wasn’t actually my noticing something about myself, so much as Cosmopolitan magazine noticing it for me. I was standing in line at the grocery store and I read a headline: “best eye creams for women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.” An eye cream? An EYE CREAM? I was 20, and therefore found myself suddenly horrified. I was old.

I would kill to be as “old” as I thought I was back then! And while the article did unnecessarily terrify me, it did kick me into gear when it comes to my skin care routine. Up until that point I had always considered skincare routines to be something that only two types of people needed: those with acne and those with wrinkles. Since I didn’t have either, I never did anything more than take my makeup off with a Neutrogena makeup remover wipe. Once Cosmo terrified me, though, I stepped it up.

I bounced around from bottle to bottle of various products until the year after college when I was in Bozeman, Montana, without a car, and without any moisturizer. The constant travel was taking a toll and my skin was terribly dry. I walked into the Montana State bookstore and found a makeup counter with the British skin care line No 7. There was a sassy man behind the counter, who, fortunately, proceeded to have an hour-long conversation with me about my skin care routine. I only bought the night cream from him that day (mostly because I was making somewhere about $12,000 a year and couldn’t afford more!) but as the years progressed I slowly added more and more. Before I knew it, I had the whole line and for years it has been my dear friend.

With the cost between ten and twenty-five dollars for each item, it is low enough that it doesn’t break the bank. It is a little more expensive than Neutrogena, but you do get what you pay for!

Beautiful Skin Day Cream/Night Cream

These were my first purchases. I love that the day cream is light enough that it can not only go under makeup easily, but it also can go under sunblock! The night cream goes on in a flash, which, as someone who can’t wait to get to bed by the time I am washing up, I appreciate. It is gentle enough on my sensitive skin and doesn’t clog my pores!

Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser

I am pretty picky about cleansers. I very much dislikes ones that get too foamy, but I don’t like cleaners that are too thin either. Microbeads irritate my skin, but I also want to feel like I really got it clean. This cleanser is the perfect happy medium! A gentle and velvety gel goes on smoothly, slightly foams, and rinses without trouble!

Beautiful Skin Gentle Toner

I attribute my comfortability in going foundation-less to this toner. Ever since I began using it, I noticed a significantly brighter complextion. It smooths on directly after cleansing, and it picks up any last trace of makeup I may have missed in addition to refreshing and hydrating.

Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask

This little beauty is a lifesaver in the winter time. My skin starts to ache for moisture and no amount of creams and balms and serums can do the trick. I love a good face mask, but this one is special. Rather than peeling off or washing off, you are actually supposed to rub it in after letting it sit, then rinse off any excess. The fact that there was hardly any to rub in the first time I used it was only proof of how badly my skin needed it!


Now, I can’t say for certain if it is the ingredients in these products that make me such a believer in them. Perhaps it is simply that I found a brand that works for me and therefore I use it accordingly. It might be consistency on the part of the user that is delivering the results I desire! But truly, does it matter? The key is finding something that works for you, even if you are only as “old” as Cosmopolitan tells you you are! What are some of your favorite products? I am always up to add something new and fun to the mix!

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