An Impromptu Trip to Charleston

I don’t know if I have shared yet that my little sister, Merry, works full time for a summer camp in Arkansas. She travels the country recruiting the cream of the crop of college students to be counselors and role models for young children. While I’m super proud of her, it makes it impossible to see her! She is on the road a great majority of the time, and because of the nature of her role she works strange hours making phone dates difficult to come by. Some weekends, she is close enough to her next destination that she gets a full weekend off, not needing to drive anywhere. She sent me a text Thursday morning that said “how far away is Charleston from you?” a quick Google search told me it was an eight hour drive as she said, “You wouldn’t want to drive down here would you?” Why yes, yes I would.

One of the benefits of being young and without children is that you can drive 500 miles just for the weekend on 24 hours notice. Friday morning James and I woke up, went to our respective fitness classes, and then ran back home for a quick shower and an eight AM departure time. I was working remotely, so thanks to a Hotspot on my phone and an extra long laptop battery life, I was well distracted for a good six of the eight hours. Magically, we hit hardly any traffic and made it to Charleston by 4:30 pm.

love Charleston. James and I went for a long weekend last year, and I fell in love. One thing I have noticed about myself, though, is that I don’t fully appreciate a place until the second time I visit. The first time anywhere I am so anxious and nervous that I will miss something, that I can’t let myself relax and just enjoy. It is the second time that I really get to appreciate where I am!


I had never been to Charleston in January, and it was just delightful. While in the spring and summer the tourist flock in droves, it was so pleasantly quiet this time around. The streets were practically empty! It made for the perfect opportunity to play one of my favorite games: what house would we buy if money were no option?


Maybe the owner will let me just rent the porch? I can offer ten dollars!

One of the best things about Merry is that she really is up for anything! Whether it be a restaurant to go to or an activity to try, she really is pretty “go with the flow.”


Now, this could have to do with the fact that we started our first day with the most delicious breakfast that ever was at The Daily.


I have seen avocado toast a thousand times, but never like this. Have you ever seen a happier girl?


Preferring to keep my avocados in my guacamole, I opted for the whipped feta and honey toast instead. I could eat this for every meal!


Following our “healthy” breakfast we took a delightfully long walk down King Street, wandering all through town until we made it to the water. Perhaps it is my California upbringing, but something about being near a body of water always makes me feel more grounded.



Since Merry had never been to Charleston we did the most touristy but the most fun thing next: the Market! While I normally just wander through markets leisurely, occasionally picking up something pretty, Merry Grace goes all out! Don’t you just love exploring with people like that?

While I’m a little disappointed that she didn’t end up buying this hat, we still had an absolutely wonderful time!


With tired feet we stopped off at the Barbados room for a cocktail on the patio to toast to a wonderful weekend….


….before gorging on delicious chive biscuits and fresh seafood at 82 Queen. I would have taken a picture, but we devoured it too fast!

It was a perfect 36 hours, and my emotional tank was full when it was over! I am so glad that Merry texted me, and have made a new resolution that if a friend is within eight hours, I will go see them from now on!

And if you are a college student looking for a job and the greatest summer of your life, look for these two on a campus near you!


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