A Review of Fab Fit Fun From Someone Not on The Bachelor

Have you noticed that about once a quarter your Facebook and Instagram feeds are bombarded with ads featuring veterans from the show The Bachelor raving about how much they love their Fab Fit Fun box? You can’t get away! For months and months I resisted. While I appreciate the industriousness of their partnership, since they were all doing it, I couldn’t really take them seriously. I had no clue if it was a great deal or a waste of money. I searched for a review a few times, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Naturally, I took this as a challenge, so I went ahead and ordered a box to see for myself if it was worth the hype.

First things first: for your first time there is almost always a code available to use. If you pay full price, you need to improve your internet surfing skills. With the 10% code the box was only $39 dollars. Enough money for me that I did take pause, but not enough to break the bank.  Next, it takes quite a few days to arrive. Just long enough that you’re wondering, “will it ever arrive?” And when it did, I found myself strangely very, very excited.

The box itself is darling and practically screams “this is something fun just for you!” Unlike the oven cleaner that I had ordered from my friends at Amazon (shout out to Cindy Menzel for that darling phrase!) this box traveled through the land of swirly twirly gumdrops and wherever else just to bring me joy.

When I opened it I wasn’t surprised per say. Since I ordered it at a random time I had received the “Editor’s Box” which had been splashed all over the internet. I knew exactly what I was getting. The first thing that caught my eye was the B.B. Dakota shawl scarf. I promptly tore it open and wrapped it around myself. Knowing that this shawl alone was worth more than $39 I was thinking “so basically I got the rest of this stuff for free.” Fab Fit Fun hangs its hat on the idea that you get $250 worth of products for the one low price. This part is actually true.

I continued rummaging through the box too fast (which is why there are no pictures of this process!) picking up product after product. I had just had two days in a row of barre class and spin class so when I picked up the sea salt crystals you are meant to put in a bath to soothe muscles I was all “HOW DID THEY KNOW?!” There was also a delightful smelling face mask, and I am always up for a face mask! I promptly put the mask on and basked in the smell of rose. I then jumped in the shower to rinse it off and test the “Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer.” How did I not have a buffer up until this point? My loofah is so sub par compared to this thing.

As I was telling James about all of these great products I was sent and how I totally got my money’s worth it dawned on me: Fab Fit Fun is TJ Maxx in the mail. When I go to TJ Maxx I usually have one thing that I need, but I end up buying at least five. I pick up obscure brands I’ve never heard of to try them out, grab a fun new scented soap, and give some new coffee bean a try. Because of the low-cost and wide variety, TJ Maxx is where I take some risks. Fab Fit Fun is exactly that, but with a controlled price. Because it is $49 a quarter, it’s about $16.50 a month for an impressive range of high quality products including clothing, beauty products, fitness accessories, and jewelry, just for fun. It is nothing that I need, but it allows me to feel spoiled and pampered in a way that doesn’t get out of control.

Now, I also sought the opinion of my dear cousin Sarah Joy, who has been a subscriber for a while, on this. While she expressed similar feelings she did warn that things get repetitive. She shared that there is almost always a scarf or a candle or something of the like and you can only have so many. Her solution? Gifts. Isn’t there always a gal in your office that you aren’t really close with but it’s her birthday and you feel like you should give her something? Enter, Fab Fit Fun. While it’s technically regifting, I would totally be okay getting someone else’s (unused) delightful leftovers. In fact, in the fall I was wishing I had Fab Fit Fun when I saw that in the box was a gym bag that said “I’d Rather be at Barre” (because I would). A few days later when my birthday rolled around, my friend Ashley brought my birthday champagne in the exact bag for me! I use it every day!

The final verdict: If you have $16.50 a month to spare, absolutely do Fab Fit Fun. It really is all in the final word: fun. When all you get in the mail in bills and junk why would you not let yourself have a little fun? Isn’t the whole concept just fab?

And since I am not a former member of the Bachelor (and therefore am in no way compensated for saying I like the service) feel free to find out more about Fab Fit Fun here.

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