Why I Love My Apple Watch

I must admit, when the Apple Watch was first announced I was sitting there thinking, “Another Apple product?” I didn’t even consider buying one. I liked my super-trendy-at-the-time Michael Kors watches. Watches are jewelry. That was technology. No thank you.

But then I got really involved in Pure Barre and everyone had one. Everyone. Finally, after saving all of my Visa points and all of my Amex points, a few $5 gift cards here and there, and a Black Friday sale, I bought myself one. Friends – I’m hooked. I love this thing. I can’t believe I took so long to get one. I am never going to go without one ever again. And it isn’t just a love affair based on nothing. If you are on the fence, here are a few reasons why it is wonderful.

I am on my phone less.

Please note: I did not get the watch with cellular. This was mostly because that was way more expensive and I was already spending too much on this watch. What a watch without cellular means is that I need to be within a certain radius of my phone to send texts. I am not using my watch in place of my phone. What the watch does accomplish, however, is freedom from “I need to check my phone every time it buzzes” syndrome. How many times have you heard your phone bing and rummaged through your purse? Now texts pop up on my watch and I can see within one second that it is just a text that say “okay!” and I can move on with my life. The best part? When you check something on your phone, you tend to go check other things while you are there. You may just check the text and click out, but you also check your email, hop on Instagram, etc. With the watch, you just check the text, because the screen is too small to accomplish going into many other apps. The amount of time I spent on my phone was insane! The watch cuts down on this so much!

It feeds my competitive nature.

I’m a little competitive with myself. Okay, I am very competitive with myself. I love that the watch allows me a concrete way to measure physical success. The fact that it will send me a message that says “Emily, normally you have moved more by this time of day. Try to get a 15 minute walk in” is very annoying. It is, also, quite motivating. I don’t like it to ever have the opportunity to say this to me. I prefer to have it tell me that I am doing great. I am aware that I am speaking of the watch as if it is a person, but it kind of feels like one. That’s how competitive it gets me. The other day it challenged me to reach 200% of my “Move Goal.” I had a very active day and fell just shy of it. When we got home that night you know what I did? Walked up and down the hall for 45 minutes until I reached the goal. Why? Because I was challenged to.

It gives me the atta-girls that I need.

What is competition without a trophy? The watch does give you “badges” when you reach different physical milestones. If I go a day without a badge, I get a little testy. They range from little things like making sure you get 30 minutes of physical activity in for 7 days straight to beating your calorie burn record for a workout you have done more than once. Friday I didn’t want to workout, but I’m going for the “perfect month” badge so I dragged myself to barre class. And when it was over, I got a nice little buzz buzz from my watch. I like to be noticed you know?

It focuses on activity.

I wore a Fitbit for years. I loved it, and it did feed my competitive spirt. However, because of the nature of what a Fitbit does, the only goal is to get steps. There would be days where I would complete ridiculously hard intensive two hour barre classes and my Fitbit would say that I had completed as much work as I did on a snow day when I didn’t get out of bed. All the Fitbit tracks is steps, and steps do not determine alone how active you are. The Apple Watch, however, tracks hours stood, “exercise” minutes, and “move” calories. This gives me proper credit for the miserable spin classes appropriately, and allows me to examine whether or not I got my heart rate up. The emphasis on heart health and movement shines the spotlight on critical elements of physical activity, rather than the measurable, but, ultimately, unimportant, number of steps per day.

Final thoughts.

I am so mad at myself that I waited this long to get an Apple Watch! It is easily the best big purchase I have made lately! If you are at all interested in examining your physical activity, you need a way to compete with yourself, or you just want to be able to sneakily read your texts while in a business meeting – get one, now!

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