Just One More Thing – Volume 3

Happy Friday! Before we get started, here are just a few more things I needed to put on your radar!

The Olympics

Can we talk for a second about how Shaun White has so many feelings? Watching his face turn the color of my Valentine’s candy as he sobbed into his mother’s shoulder was the cutest thing. Chloe Kim is delightfully adorable with her sunny disposition and I’m just loving having something different to watch every night!

Trader Joe’s – Two Products I’m Loving

I love Trader Joe’s so very much. One of the great many reasons I love them is that they constantly have new products coming out. I have a tendency to get stuck in a food rut, sticking to the same five recipes and forgetting to branch out. Thanks to this website I always know about new things coming to my favorite place! First, has anyone tried the new brownie crisp coffee ice cream bars? I love all of those words and am dying to try them! Thank goodness I didn’t give ice cream up for Lent. Second, the Cowboy Quinoa Burgers are everything. I have eschewed the meals I slaved over so I could eat these for lunch and dinner. I’m hooked. If you try them, make sure you put them under the broiler so they get all crispy!!

Let there be light!

Did anybody notice what happened yesterday? The sun rose at 6:59 AM on the East Coast! The sun officially is up before my alarm goes off. Yes, I wake up at 7 for work because I like to flirt with danger and see how long my friend dry shampoo and I can keep up the facade. Current record: 4 days.

Still Me

Jojo Moyes has yet again proven that it’s not over until it’s over and has published the third book in her Me Before You series. I adored Me Before You, even if when the movie came out I took a few friends who now refuse to let me pick any movie going forward “since that terrible sad one you made us go to.” (This is why you always have to read the book first) I haven’t picked it up yet, mostly because the first two ripped my heart out and I need to be in the right place for it! Luckily, we’re going on a ski weekend this weekend and, conveniently, I don’t ski at all. An empty cabin, a warm cup of tea, and this book await!

The Revenge of the Oxford Comma

If you are ever at a party of English teachers and you don’t want to answer questions about yourself, just casually ask if they believe in the Oxford comma or not. It gets heated. Seriously, us grammar nerds have very, very strong feelings on the matter. For those that were cool in high school and don’t know what it is, it’s actually quite simple. When you are making a list of three or more items, there needs to be a second comma in between the second item and the “and.” For example: I had lunch with my parents, Oprah, and President Obama. If you leave out the second comma it becomes: I had lunch with my parents, Oprah and President Obama. Without the second comma, Oprah and President Obama get paired together thus saying that your parents are Oprah and President Obama. While that child would be miraculous, he or she doesn’t exist. This comma is called the “Oxford comma” and it is very important. Short grammar lesson aside, apparently a group of truck drivers won 5 MILLION DOLLARS because the oxford comma was left out of their contract and therefore their work wasn’t exempt from overtime. I know. Read the full story here.


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