My Favorite Crewneck Sweater

I have this funny little thing I like to do: I tell stories with my clothes. I’m not quite sure when I started doing it, but I have a tendency to name my favorite pieces. There is my “founding fathers” shirt named because of the flouncy sleeves, my “Olivia Pope” blazer, my “sunshine” dress. And now, thanks to The Fifth Label, I have my “1980’s Miracle Sweater.”

Do you remember the movie Miracle? It easily ranks on my Top 15 Movies list, and definitely ranks on my Top 5 Sports Movies of All Time list. I remember distinctly focussing more on the fashion choices of the characters than the actual hockey. I was 14 when the film was released and I was mesmerized. It was the amount of brown that the characters wore, mostly, that had me facinated. I know that fashion changes as the years go on, but brown? Really?


For some reason, when I saw this sweater, it reminded me of that movie. It could be the colors. The red, white, and blue make it easily patriotic. Perhaps it is the crew neck of the sweater that closely hugs my neck. Maybe it’s the fact that it charmingly just reaches the top of my jeans, a drastic change from the long-line sweaters sold currently. Either way, I’m hooked.


Since I was going full eighties, I decided that naturally this sweater paired best with my G.H. Bass Loafers that look just like the ones my mother wore when she was a newlywed. And, because not only do I like to tell stories with my clothes, but I like to match things to them, I ordered a gingersnap cookie when Erin and I stopped by the bakeshop. Because, you know, brown.


Though, for the record, I could never be a model. The second Erin turned the camera off to check the lighting I took a bite. I’m not sorry at all.




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