Just One More Thing – Volume 4

Happy Hump Day! I apologize for my absence the past week or so. My life is going through some massive changes (which I promise to share on here soon!) so I haven’t been able to post. Fear not, I’ll be back with gusto, soon! In the mean time, here are a few things I want to make sure I mention!

The Royals

The Royals are officially back! I am weirdly obsessed with this program on E! I have long been a fan of Elizabeth Hurley, and she is just extraordinary as the conniving, power hungry queen. I love the idea of a modern day monarchy that is deeply flawed but also full of loving family members that are “just like us.” Season four returned on Sunday night and I am dying to watch episode one!

Mary Ellen hit 500!

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the mother of my dear friend, KB, a month or so ago. Mary Ellen is an absolute DELIGHT and we bonded over our love of the Royals, all things British, and Pure Bare among other things! As an active Pure Barre enthusiast, she is one of the strongest moms I know, and she just tucked her way into the 500 club! Since she is one of my loyal readers, I thought she deserved a shout out for this enormous accomplishment! Way to go, Miss Mary Ellen!

Sally Field as Matchmaker

I have loved Sally Field for as long as I can remember. She is, as far as I’m concerned, heaven on earth. If I didn’t get to have my mom as my mom, I would want Sally Field to be my mom. This story only affirms my adoration. Apparently, Sally is not only, to quote Adam Rippon “brazen,” but also quite the matchmaker!

Now That You Mention It

This was my first book by Kristan Higgins, and it is safe to say she is now one of my favorite authors. While technically this novel falls under the “chick lit” category, it was written with such compassion, and such a deep knowledge of human behavior and emotional intelligence that I was absolutely blown away. This novel follows a Boston doctor as she attempts to repair her relationship with her deeply broken family, as well as comes face to face with demons from her past that she has buried deep, deep in the ground. I was hooked!


Cotton candy is everywhere lately. I had my first cotton candy when I was a little girl at the rodeo and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It’s just pink sugar. Does it get better than that? Lately, however, I have noticed that cotton candy is appearing more and more as a flavor. Peeps, a controversial dessert to be sure, now has a cotton candy flavor. Is it weird? Yes. Is it good? Yes? I can’t tell. I don’t actually like it but I can’t stop eating it. Additionally, Bakeshop, my favorite place on earth (read why here) now has cotton candy macaroons. Again, super sweet, and delicious, but maybe too much? I can’t tell!




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