Things Everyone Likes

Do you remember when you were in middle school? And everybody liked something and you had to like it to? Sure there were those really self-aware people with a great amount of self-confidence that didn’t mind saying “no, actually, I do not think that funyuns taste good.” For the rest of us, though, we mostly pretended to go along with things. As I’ve aged I have come to realize that I am finally comfortable not only identifying for myself the things that aren’t for me, but saying it to others, too. Here are six things that popular culture would suggest I am supposed to like but I just…don’t.


I’m just going to say it: I don’t like traveling. This is the one I will probably get the most dropped jaws about. Most people I know love to travel. They use words like “priority” when describing it and when you ask them what they would do if they won millions of dollars it is the first word out of their mouth. I, however, do not care for it.

This is not to say that I don’t love vacation. If given the opportunity to hop a plane to a beach right now I would jump at it. However, traveling exacerbates my biggest demon: my anxiety. I combat my anxiety with exercise and mostly, with routine. Traveling destroys routine. There is none! That is probably one of the big draws for others but for me, it is ridden with worry. I realized this when I started visiting cities for the second time. With each time I visit somewhere, I enjoy it more. Slowly I pieced together that it is because question marks are removed. I know how to get to a coffee house. We have one dinner at a restaurant I know I liked planned. I don’t feel obligated to see everythingthateveryonesaidIhavetoseeandthelistissolongitsnotevenavacation.  (Actually what my brain looks like when I go somewhere new). For this reason, while I love a good beach vacation, I will never be a world traveler. And that’s okay. Great for you, not for me.


I just don’t like it. I pretended I did for years and years and years. Fraternity parties aren’t known for their elevated beverages and I wasn’t about to be that girl. So I drank it. And it was fine. And then I started dating Mr. James Hampson and he loves it. On our first Valentine’s Day we went to a brewery and did a tasting. And it was fun! But I ate a french fry after every sip. And eventually, as we grew a little older and we spent more time at restaurants instead of fraternity parties, and our dinners became a little more sophisticated than cheeseburgers and wine paired with food better than Bud Light, I stopped being that girl and it started becoming okay to say, “yep, I hate beer.” I really dislike it. Will I drink it? Sure. Do I want to? Nope. Adulthood is great, isn’t it?


I can’t attend concerts. I went to a few as a child. George Strait was my first (and believe you me, I have hung my hat on that for years). When I was a teenager, though, my mom and I went to see Kenney Chesney. My dad got us great seats, in row 13, and we were so excited! The concert took place on the field of AT&T park so we felt super comfortable having been there dozens of times for Giants’ games. When we got there, though, it seemed as if the entire audience was being filmed for a commercial on alcohol poisoning. The toilets overflowed from all the vomit and the entire experience was, put simply, a little scaring. I haven’t gone to a concert since. Now, this may seem like an exaggerated response to one bad experience, but I just don’t feel it necessary to go. I’ll listen to my favorite bands on Spotify for way cheaper from my comfy seat on my couch, thank you very much.

The Kardashians

I just…I can’t. I’m not even gonna bother explaining.


This is the one I get the most raised eyebrows for, actually. Mostly because most girls that look like me and act like me also love avocado toast. I just don’t like it. I don’t like it on toast, I don’t like it in guacamole. I do like it in the eye cream I use at night, but then, that just goes on my face. It’s partially the taste, partially the texture, and all around just a not for me thing. The biggest issue now is it’s really expensive (I’m tuned in enough to know that it’s “extra” even if I’m not eating it) so I feel wasteful and have stopped “just trying it.”

Game of Thrones

James will give me grief for this, but I firmly dislike this show. You see, I feel that everybody reads/watches TV for an escape. I don’t read nonfiction for pleasure, and I don’t watch television that upsets me. James likes to say that I watched one episode of Game of Thrones and it was “a bad one” and I’ve been scarred. And it’s true, I did, and it was, and I am. BUT I will also contend that in the years since I have sat in the other room while he watches it and all I hear is yelling and screaming and people in pain and people being tortured and I am sitting here thinking why are you watching this? Doesn’t it give you bad dreams? Every once in a while I’ll feel a little left out, but the truth is, I’m just fine watching my Friends reruns over and over again.

Final Thoughts

And that about sums up all the reasons why, if I was still in middle school, I would be unpopular. It’s okay, I was, and I turned out fine. My only concern now is that as I grow older this list will grow longer and before I know it I will be a crotchety old lady. But that will never happen. I like baking cookies too much. So, what did I miss? What do you hate that everyone else loves?

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