About Me

Do you know what you’re good at? Like, really good at?

My little sister is really good at sports. Hands down the best player in the room.

My big sister is an incredible cook. The kind that can walk into a kitchen that isn’t her own, with mystery ingredients, and make a 5 course meal from scratch that leaves people licking plates.

Me? I’ve always been the happy one. The happy one that loved to write.

For years and years people have been telling me to write a blog. I haven’t for many reasons, all of which seem so terribly cliche right now. Rather than lament on them in the obligatory “about me” section, here are simply 10 facts about me.

  1. I grew up outside of San Francisco in a small town called Burlingame.
  2. I have two sisters, Molly and Merry Grace.
  3. I graduated from UC Davis in 2012 with a degree in English Literature.
  4. I pledged Pi Beta Phi as a freshman, and believed so much in the mission of the organization that I went to work as a traveling leadership development consultant following graduation.
  5. It was while working as a consultant that I met James. We’ve been married since December 2016.
  6. I moved out to Washington, D.C. for a job following graduate school, and James and I still happily live in Arlington.
  7. I relish holiday seasons and celebrate, decorate, and cook as festively as possible.
  8. I love to walk, and often find myself solving problems with 30 minutes walking around my neighborhood.
  9. I am absolutely addicted to any and all sour candy.
  10. I am an eternal optimist that believes in spreading sunshine.

If you are interested in knowing more about how I got Spread a Little Sunshine started, please feel free to go here to my first ever post.