Springtime Gingham

Happy second day of Spring!

I am absolutely thrilled that springtime has officially come, despite what the weather man is currently saying! Perhaps it is my California upbringing, but I am truly not myself when it is dark and cold outside. Bring on the sunshine, I say! And while in the wintertime I am all about the tartan, the second the first day of spring hits I cannot get enough gingham! Truly, there is a section in my closet dedicated to it! The sweet, yet subtle pattern brings back so many lovely childhood memories of sunshine and summertime that I would wear it every day if I could!

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My Favorite Crewneck Sweater

I have this funny little thing I like to do: I tell stories with my clothes. I’m not quite sure when I started doing it, but I have a tendency to name my favorite pieces. There is my “founding fathers” shirt named because of the flouncy sleeves, my “Olivia Pope” blazer, my “sunshine” dress. And now, thanks to The Fifth Label, I have my “1980’s Miracle Sweater.”

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A Review of Fab Fit Fun From Someone Not on The Bachelor

Have you noticed that about once a quarter your Facebook and Instagram feeds are bombarded with ads featuring veterans from the show The Bachelor raving about how much they love their Fab Fit Fun box? You can’t get away! For months and months I resisted. While I appreciate the industriousness of their partnership, since they were all doing it, I couldn’t really take them seriously. I had no clue if it was a great deal or a waste of money. I searched for a review a few times, but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Naturally, I took this as a challenge, so I went ahead and ordered a box to see for myself if it was worth the hype.

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Fabulous Fabletics Shoes

Long before the athleisure trend was born (and thank God it was!), there were simply gym clothes. Most people didn’t wear these out and about, unless they were literally coming from, or about to go to, the gym. There was one mother at my elementary school, however, that wore gym clothes daily. She was not super active. In fact, she openly bragged about the fact that she never worked out and the only bicep curls she did were the curl of her spoon from the bowl of her ice cream to her mouth. To each their own, right? There was another mother at my school, however, that couldn’t help but notice this. As we stood waiting before school she turned to the woman who may or may not have started the athleisure trend and said, “do you actually work out or do you just wear the clothes?” Continue reading “Fabulous Fabletics Shoes”

For the Love of Capes

When I was in college the program Gossip Girl was the most talked about show on television. The cast was unfairly attractive, the story-lines salacious and inappropriate for children, and the clothing was out of this world. There was one scene in particular where the Queen Bee mean girl, Blair, is about to hop on a private jet to Paris to escape a scandal that has just broken. The scene was wrought with emotion but I was completely distracted by something other than the overly dramatic dialogue: she was wearing a cape. I loved everything about the look of the cape. Ever since, I have been on a mission to find one and finally, FINALLY, I found it. Continue reading “For the Love of Capes”