An Impromptu Trip to Charleston

I don’t know if I have shared yet that my little sister, Merry, works full time for a summer camp in Arkansas. She travels the country recruiting the cream of the crop of college students to be counselors and role models for young children. While I’m super proud of her, it makes it impossible to see her! She is on the road a great majority of the time, and because of the nature of her role she works strange hours making phone dates difficult to come by. Some weekends, she is close enough to her next destination that she gets a full weekend off, not needing to drive anywhere. She sent me a text Thursday morning that said “how far away is Charleston from you?” a quick Google search told me it was an eight hour drive as she said, “You wouldn’t want to drive down here would you?” Why yes, yes I would. Continue reading “An Impromptu Trip to Charleston”

Black Tie, Black Label White Meritage

It should come as no surprise that I love dressing up. Maybe it is because I loved to play dress up so much as a child. Perhaps it is because I am still holding out hope that I am about to be told I am princess of Genovia and I want to be prepared for all of the formal wear I will need to wear as sovereign. Either way, I love getting all dolled up. So when the Club Sales Director at our winery reached out and told me they would be hosting a black tie party for the release of the new black label white meritage, I couldn’t buy tickets fast enough!

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Aggies on the East Coast

I used to watch Friends and think about the fact that Chandler and Ross were supposed to be college roommates. I remember thinking that when you were in college you were so old. My parents still speak often about college, and to this day their college friends remain some of their best (Hi, Mr. Naifeh and Mr. Thompson! How are you Salli Toussaint? Thanks for reading, Sally Parker!) So when I went to college my hopes were HIGH. My parents dropped me off and I met these people…

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House Guest Necessities

I love having house guests. When I think about my dream house, I don’t actually picture fixtures or items, but rather, ample room for a steady stream of visitors! I used to watch Downton Abbey so jealous that they would constantly have guests! The idea that at a moment’s notice a regular meal could turn into a party, a Tuesday suddenly an excuse for entertaining, is just thrilling to me! Continue reading “House Guest Necessities”

Local Spotlight: Bakeshop

My sweet tooth is out of control. If I’m going to be completely honest, I blame my DNA. I know, that is a bit of a cop out, but go with me for a minute. You know how most moms won’t let children have candy? And when the children say they are hungry the moms offer a piece of fruit? My mom is probably the only mom in history to be shopping and ask her children “would you like to get a candy?” Now, this isn’t her fault either. She comes from a family of candy-holics. My mom’s maiden name is Carraway, but it might has well have been Candyway.


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Pumpkins and Apples and Wine, Oh My!

In case you missed it, I love fall. I had a conversation with my mom the other day about how we would argue that pictures of babies in pumpkin patches are actually cuter than Christmas photos. Is it because everything is so round? Whatever the reason, pumpkin patches are just a delight. About a month ago, we all got an invite from our friend Autumn inviting us to a “Fall Fete.” Needless to say, we all RSVP’d “yes!”

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Local Spotlight: Green Pig Bistro

I have actually been hesitating on pushing “publish” on this post because I am not quite sure I want the world to know about Green Pig Bistro. But, since I also want this magnificent place to receive all the glory it deserves, I mustn’t keep this to myself. GPB, as we like to call it, is hands down my favorite restaurant in Arlington. I love everything about it. I love that there is both outdoor, bar, and traditional sit down tables. Continue reading “Local Spotlight: Green Pig Bistro”