That Hokey Pokey Feeling

When I was a little girl in kindergarten my mom got a call from my teacher. Earlier that day, when the teacher led my class in “The Hokey Pokey” I had refused to participate. Knowing how normal of an activity this was for five-year-olds, my mom was confused. She asked me why I didn’t want to dance and I (allegedly) told her that I didn’t like the way people looked when they did it.

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I want s’more, I want some more.

I am a sucker for the simple pleasures. While I love trying new recipes, I will never turn down an opportunity for deliciousness without a lot of fuss. When the opportunity for a girls’ night in came up, I knew we were going back to the classics. Continue reading “I want s’more, I want some more.”

Little shrimp, big taste.

Since my work schedule changed this summer, and I officially joined the 9-5 crowd, I have been shocked at how it has impacted my cooking. When I got home at 3 in the afternoon I never thought ahead about what was on our dinner menu. Now, when the dinner hour has already started before I even leave the office, planning ahead is crucial. It is for this reason that I am so glad I have discovered the perfect shrimp recipe. It is high in vegetables for me, high in spice for James, and low on the time-to make meter for both of us. Continue reading “Little shrimp, big taste.”

A Day at La Grange

One of the things that I miss the most since moving from California is the access to natural beauty. It has been a bit of a mission of mine, since moving, to find areas in our neck of the woods that help fill that void. It is for this reason that I am so happy that our friends introduced us to La Grange Winery last spring. Continue reading “A Day at La Grange”

The Beauty of Rituals


Many times before I have been accused of being a bit predictable. I readily admit that I am, in fact, a creature of habit.

I find comfort in routine. I make no apology for this. In fact, I relish it. And some of it just comes from a realization that doing things certain ways makes my life easier. A stitch in time saves nine. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Every cliché is rooted in a simple truth: my routines help me find success, even in the small things. But as I have aged, I have found that there is a very slight, but very critical difference, between some of my habits. I have my routines, sure. But what is actually more important is my rituals.

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Dear Dad, I haven’t changed my mind.

When I was a child we moved from Texas to Northern California. My father, overly eager about our new surroundings, decided that we should spend our first Sunday hiking. It was a lovely idea, truly. And for the next three-ish years, we spent every Sunday hiking. Now, when I tell this story it sounds darling. Just precious, actually, that as a family we spent every weekend hiking together. Aren’t we outdoorsy? How much family bonding must have happened? No wonder we had such a great relationship. We should all do that with our family! Right? Wrong.

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5 Best Beach Reads

Every winter I dive deep into classic literature. Something about the clouds and the snow make me want to curl up with a dusty covered classic that leaves me having to look up words no one uses anymore. I crave Austen and seek out nonfiction left and right to enjoy while wrapped in big sweaters and drinking peppermint hot chocolate. But in the summer, all bets are off. In the summer, I want books as light and airy as the linen dresses we wear on the way to the beach. Continue reading “5 Best Beach Reads”