Cheater, Cheater, Skillet Cookie Eater


Is there anything on earth better than a really good, right out of the oven chocolate chip cookie? I pose the question, but I know the answer. The answer is yes, yes there is: an enormous chocolate chip cookie that can be made in less than 30 minutes. Continue reading “Cheater, Cheater, Skillet Cookie Eater”

Things “They” Say

Am I the only the one that uses the expression “they say?” You know, when you justify some action because some mystery entity of people says something? In the past couple of years, in an attempt to try to be super self-aware, I have started following up the phrase “they say” with “you know, the people that say these things.” Continue reading “Things “They” Say”

Spread a Little Sunshine

My whole life, I have loved words. In fact, the first word my mother taught me to write was “love,” and it seemed fitting, as my love affair with words has been the steadiest and truest of all. As a child I found pleasure in finding words in books that I did not know. I relished the moments in which I used a new word correctly in conversation, and I was probably the only person at Mercy High School Burlingame that enjoyed Mrs. Mountain’s infamous vocabulary tests (shout out to any Mercy Girls that are reading this!). It is because of my love affair with books and with words that writing has always become a source of solace for me. For years my friends and family alike have told me to write a blog and I have resisted. Continue reading “Spread a Little Sunshine”