An Impromptu Trip to Charleston

I don’t know if I have shared yet that my little sister, Merry, works full time for a summer camp in Arkansas. She travels the country recruiting the cream of the crop of college students to be counselors and role models for young children. While I’m super proud of her, it makes it impossible to see her! She is on the road a great majority of the time, and because of the nature of her role she works strange hours making phone dates difficult to come by. Some weekends, she is close enough to her next destination that she gets a full weekend off, not needing to drive anywhere. She sent me a text Thursday morning that said “how far away is Charleston from you?” a quick Google search told me it was an eight hour drive as she said, “You wouldn’t want to drive down here would you?” Why yes, yes I would. Continue reading “An Impromptu Trip to Charleston”