Pumpkins and Apples and Wine, Oh My!

In case you missed it, I love fall. I had a conversation with my mom the other day about how we would argue that pictures of babies in pumpkin patches are actually cuter than Christmas photos. Is it because everything is so round? Whatever the reason, pumpkin patches are just a delight. About a month ago, we all got an invite from our friend Autumn inviting us to a “Fall Fete.” Needless to say, we all RSVP’d “yes!”

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Fall Wish List – Activities

As previously mentioned in my piece Falling for Autumn – A Defense, fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. I have gotten so into in the past that my family has actively made a rule that I am not allowed to buy anything fall related until after Labor Day because I will go nuts. Because fall officially begins on Friday, though, I feel I am justified in going all out at this point.

Normally, my obsession with fall means:

  1. Fall scented soap in both the kitchen and bathroom (I blame TJ Maxx for this one, really)
  2. Fall scented candles/wax melts all over the house
  3. Fall colored flowers in a vase on the table
  4. Pumpkin breads/muffins/cookies 24/7
  5. Spending 15+ extra minutes in Target weekly so I can look at the seasonal goodies
  6. Asking James every Wednesday if we can spend the following Saturday doing “fall stuff”

This year, because I have a blog, I am putting together a formal fall wish-list of activities that I would do if Saturday wasn’t always dedicated to Penn State. Continue reading “Fall Wish List – Activities”

Falling for Autumn – A Defense

I have always loved fall. My birthday is in October, so I am naturally inclined to adore the month. But as the internet and Pumpkin Spice Lattes have put it on the map, fall is no longer simply just a span of weeks. Fall is a season to celebrate, a weeks-long event, an emotional state. I have reveled in this transformation, but I realize that not everyone is as thrilled as I am for the emphasis on pumpkin spice and everything nice.  Continue reading “Falling for Autumn – A Defense”