Two New Books to Read

I’ve been doing a lot more reading lately. James and I moved to Arlington from Alexandria 2.5 years ago, but I just recently got around to switching my library card. Since the library is back to being a 6 minute walk rather than a 15 minute drive, I have more access to books. I have a terrible habit of not reading anything for two weeks and then devouring a book in 24 hours. There are worse habits, right? Below are two recent reads that, while very different, were both wonderful! Continue reading “Two New Books to Read”

Three “Boy” Books – Guest Post by James Hampson

I must admit that this is an extremely exciting day! This is my first (and hopefully not last) opportunity to write a guest post for The Spread A Little Sunshine.

When Emily first asked me to write a piece for the blog, I was excited, but wasn’t quite sure what she would want me to discuss. However, after she told me that I’d be writing about “books that boys like,” I knew that I had this on lockdown. After all, my mother was a reading teacher for most of my adolescent life and my dad reads more than an over-caffeinated law student. I’ve quite literally been enveloped by a love of books since I can first remember. Continue reading “Three “Boy” Books – Guest Post by James Hampson”

Three Historical Fiction Novels


Historical fiction is easily my favorite genre. Below are three novels that will transport you to days past, to characters so extraordinary, you will wish they were real! Continue reading “Three Historical Fiction Novels”

Three Ethical Reads

As discussed in my last post here I love a good beach read. Sometimes, though, what I really need is an ethical dilemma that will keep me up at night. The following books are three novels that you must read with a buddy. You will need to talk to someone about them, and it must be someone that is reading it also. Fortunately, none of these are new releases so purchasing on Amazon will be less of a burden.

Continue reading “Three Ethical Reads”