Lent – A Season of Joyful Memories

Lent is one of my favorite times of year. Please know, I felt weird typing that. Lent, a time in the Catholic Church designed for self sacrifice and quiet repentance is not technically something to be enjoyed. It begins with literally putting ashes on your forehead, so it isn’t exactly a party. However, growing up in a very Catholic household it strangely, but rapidly, became something I looked forward to. Continue reading “Lent – A Season of Joyful Memories”

The Importance of Traditions

There is a sentence amongst my family that they love to tease me with: “Emi isn’t good at change.” Sometimes it is said lovingly, sometimes with an edge because they wish I was better with moving with the times. It has been a joke for years and years. What makes this statement so interesting, though, is that it is a bit incomplete. I readily admit that I am not good with change. However, it is only certain changes that I struggle with. I am a firm believer in traditions, and I am both honored and grateful to be the person in my family that demands we keep them going. Continue reading “The Importance of Traditions”