Local Spotlight: Green Pig Bistro

I have actually been hesitating on pushing “publish” on this post because I am not quite sure I want the world to know about Green Pig Bistro. But, since I also want this magnificent place to receive all the glory it deserves, I mustn’t keep this to myself. GPB, as we like to call it, is hands down my favorite restaurant in Arlington. I love everything about it. I love that there is both outdoor, bar, and traditional sit down tables. Continue reading “Local Spotlight: Green Pig Bistro”

Local Spotlight: Il Radicchio 

James and I have lived in our neighborhood for two years and I could not love it more. It strikes the perfect harmony between mainstream stores and restaurants like Trader Joe’s and Starbucks and smaller, unique, local joints. One of our favorite date night spots is a place called Il Radicchio. 

Continue reading “Local Spotlight: Il Radicchio “