Aggies on the East Coast

I used to watch Friends and think about the fact that Chandler and Ross were supposed to be college roommates. I remember thinking that when you were in college you were¬†so old. My parents still speak often about college, and to this day their college friends remain some of their best (Hi, Mr. Naifeh and Mr. Thompson! How are you Salli Toussaint? Thanks for reading, Sally Parker!) So when I went to college my hopes were HIGH. My parents dropped me off and I met these people…

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Farewell, sweet summer.

This past Thursday James and I packed up the car and headed up to Bethany Beach for the weekend. We rented a huge house with all our friends from D.C., and two of my best friends from college as well as James’ childhood best friend were able to come, too! We drove up late Thursday night after work, wanting to start our Friday by the ocean.

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