12 days of Christmas Cookies – Sugar Cookies with Autumn Walters

For today’s post, I invited one of my dear friends from Pure Barre, Autumn, to share her story. Autumn and I met one fateful day at the studio, and we were each other’s biggest cheerleaders as we attempted to hit 250 classes in one year. Over the years we have shared our love of Pure Barre, family, shared wedding visions, and most importantly: cookies! Continue reading “12 days of Christmas Cookies – Sugar Cookies with Autumn Walters”

Local Spotlight: Bakeshop

My sweet tooth is out of control. If I’m going to be completely honest, I blame my DNA. I know, that is a bit of a cop out, but go with me for a minute. You know how most moms won’t let children have candy? And when the children say they are hungry the moms offer a piece of fruit? My mom is probably the only mom in history to be shopping and ask her children “would you like to get a candy?” Now, this isn’t her fault either. She comes from a family of candy-holics. My mom’s maiden name is Carraway, but it might has well have been Candyway.


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