Black Tie, Black Label White Meritage

It should come as no surprise that I love dressing up. Maybe it is because I loved to play dress up so much as a child. Perhaps it is because I am still holding out hope that I am about to be told I am princess of Genovia and I want to be prepared for all of the formal wear I will need to wear as sovereign. Either way, I love getting all dolled up. So when the Club Sales Director at our winery reached out and told me they would be hosting a black tie party for the release of the new black label white meritage, I couldn’t buy tickets fast enough!

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A Holiday Cocktail Party

When I was fourteen my big sister, Molly, decided that she was going to throw a “holiday cocktail party.” We planned for weeks and weeks for this party. This was before Pinterest, so all of our ideation sessions centered around cookbooks, the cooking channel, and good old fashioned magazines. We shopped for the perfect invitations and carefully laid out the tablescape. We plotted festive conversation topics. Molly thought of everything! 14 years later, I finally got the opportunity to recreate what my 14-year-old self considered to be the height of elegance. It was finally time for a real holiday cocktail party! Continue reading “A Holiday Cocktail Party”