Christmas Cards – A Love Story

My mother has a little photo album that sits on the coffee table during the holiday season. There are 30 photographs lovingly place inside, one for each year that she has been a mother. These photos tell the story of every Christmas from 1987 to 2017.

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12 Days of Christmas Cookies – M&M Cookies

Probably my favorite part of going to Target during the holiday season is seeing all of the holiday ingredients for baking lined up at the aisle. It is as if the aisle is screaming at us “it’s time to bake! Take me home so I can make culinary sugary dreams come true!” One of the items always available? M&Ms. While M&M cookies are technically something I could make year round, I don’t know if they would taste as good without the red and green M&Ms!

This recipe comes from our friend Ms. Mona. Ms. Mona and her husband, Mr. Paul were the first couple friends my parents made when they moved to San Antonio as newlyweds. Mona was from this adorable, small town an hour outside of San Antonio called Fredericksburg. The recipe came from the Fredericksburg Home Kitchen Cookbook. We often wondered what would happen if we didn’t put the 1/4 t. of water in, but were afraid to leave it out!

I love that we still make this recipe from a dear friend, especially as I have aged. Having moved to a new city twice as an adult, I now fully understand why my mother treasured her friendship with Mona so much! Making friends as a grown up is hard, and making a lifelong one with someone as special as Ms. Mona is a true gift!

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The Importance of Traditions

There is a sentence amongst my family that they love to tease me with: “Emi isn’t good at change.” Sometimes it is said lovingly, sometimes with an edge because they wish I was better with moving with the times. It has been a joke for years and years. What makes this statement so interesting, though, is that it is a bit incomplete. I readily admit that I am not good with change. However, it is only certain changes that I struggle with. I am a firm believer in traditions, and I am both honored and grateful to be the person in my family that demands we keep them going. Continue reading “The Importance of Traditions”