Thanksgiving Number One – Girls Giving

Most Americans know that there was a law passed in the 40s proclaiming that Thanksgiving shall be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November. What many don’t know is that this law came to the drawing board after a big hullabaloo in 1939 that caused many Americans to celebrate not one, but two Thanksgivings. You see, there were five Thursdays in the month of November, 1939. In order to make certain that our loyal and commercialized citizens had enough time to shop for Christmas (yay the capitalistic machine!), business leaders appealed to FDR, asking that we celebrate on the fourth, rather than last Thursday. He agreed. Others didn’t. This led to, as I say, a hullabaloo, and an abundance of turkey. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Number One – Girls Giving”

House Guest Necessities

I love having house guests. When I think about my dream house, I don’t actually picture fixtures or items, but rather, ample room for a steady stream of visitors! I used to watch Downton Abbey so jealous that they would constantly have guests! The idea that at a moment’s notice a regular meal could turn into a party, a Tuesday suddenly an excuse for entertaining, is just thrilling to me! Continue reading “House Guest Necessities”