African Peanut Soup

I’ve mentioned on here before that my mother has recently gone plant-based. While the transition has been an enormous lesson, it has also been an opportunity for expanding our recipe book. We used to joke that mom only had “five famous meals” and when we sat down at the table for dinner we would playfully exclaim “Oh good! Number 4, my favorite!” To be fair, she only had five meals because there were only five meals that her picky daughters could all agree on! Since we have grown, and so, too, have our palettes, we have learned that our mother is an extraordinary and quite adventurous cook! One great example: this African Peanut Soup! Continue reading “African Peanut Soup”


12 Days of Christmas Cookies – Cyclops Cookies with Martha Chambers

I realized in planning out my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies that precisely because of the fact that all of my recipes are stolen from her, I would be absolutely  remise if I didn’t feature my own mother! As the woman who taught me to bake, and the brains behind the entire cookie operation at our house, we need to hear from the master!

From Martha:

Within a few readings of Emily’s blog, one immediately notices that this girl loves to bake! She comes by it honestly as both sisters and her mom are happiest when we are baking – particularly when we get to give it away! Molly’s cakes are blue ribbon worthy and Merry Grace’s banana bread is “I’ll just have one more piece” delicious, but the real crème de la crème is our cookies!

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12 Days of Christmas Cookies – Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

In looking through all of my family’s Christmas cookie recipes, I realized that most of them aren’t, in fact, very “Christmas-y.” Truly, what makes them Christmas cookies is just that we make them at Christmas. While this is totally fine, sometimes, you just want something that screams CHRISTMAS. These cookies do exactly that!

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