House Guest Necessities

I love having house guests. When I think about my dream house, I don’t actually picture fixtures or items, but rather, ample room for a steady stream of visitors! I used to watch Downton Abbey so jealous that they would constantly have guests! The idea that at a moment’s notice a regular meal could turn into a party, a Tuesday suddenly an excuse for entertaining, is just thrilling to me! Continue reading “House Guest Necessities”

Overnight French Toast Casserole

I have long watched as blogs and Pinterest alike have recommended overnight casseroles. It’s not that I haven’t ever had the desire to try them. It’s more that I never saw a need. I love cooking in the morning, and the idea that I would just pop something in the oven with no effort in the morning ruined the fun for me a little bit. We have some guests staying with us later this week, though, and suddenly, I felt a desperate need to try one! Continue reading “Overnight French Toast Casserole”