I’m Finally Okay with Being a Millenial

Years ago someone coined the phrase “millenial.” Almost immediately, this word was associated with personality traits no one would want to be connected with. Millenials are whiny. They can’t get jobs after college. They all move back home. They don’t understand hard work. They are addicted to their phones. They are so entitled. And on, and on, and on. And, as someone who would be horrified to be described in such a manner, I vehemently opposed being associated with the generation that I may or may not be a part of. Further, when I became a teacher and saw some of the up and comers? Who were also supposedly “millenials?” Oh, you best believe I was going to deny my generational moniker with ever fiber of my being. Some recent events, however, have made me come to a new conclusion: I don’t mind being a millenial. I’d even say I am proud of it. Continue reading “I’m Finally Okay with Being a Millenial”

Fight or Flight

About two years ago I was traveling with a girlfriend when we decided to stop at a pharmacy. I can’t even remember what we needed to buy, or what we ended up with. The entire trip to the store is shadowed by an encounter we had down aisle four. Continue reading “Fight or Flight”

It’s Time to Go Out On School Nights

For the longest time I did nothing on school nights. I was a teacher, so the term school night wasn’t even a metaphor. When your alarm goes off at 5 am, there really isn’t enough time between dinner and the sunrise to do anything. But since moving to the 9-5 world, when it could have gotten better, I actually think it got worse. I know I am not the only person to fall privy to the rut that is weeknights.

I didn’t realize what a rut I was in for a while. For a bit, it was simply that I was trying to play catch up with the clock. By the time I got home, I would be starving, and would immediately start cooking dinner. If I could wait to eat, I would run to a barre class real fast, then come home and cook. When all was said and done, it would already be 8 o’clock, and if I had a load of laundry to do or something of the like, I wouldn’t be finished until it was already time for bed. Who is going to plan to do something fun at 9 pm? At that point all I want is my pajamas, and maybe some gummy bears.

While totally understandable, this is actually a huge problem. It makes me hate the workweek. When you separate into “school nights” and “weekend” you realize that the amount of time that you spend on your actual life versus the amount of hours that you spend on your job, going to your job, and recovering from your job, is out of proportion.

I enjoy my job, and I am grateful for it. At the end of the day, however, it is honestly just my way to pay the bills. This isn’t a bad thing – not at all! I know that there are some people who genuinely find such joy and fulfillment in their jobs. I am happy for these people, and I truly hope it stays that way. For me, though, the awareness that my job is just the means for which I pay my rent helps me keep a healthy amount of distance, and provides me with the reminder that just because it is the work week does not mean that I shouldn’t be putting the happiness of both my family, and myself, first.

All of this is my long windup to my new theory: you should go out on school nights. I don’t mean to go to crazy bars or clubs and make it impossible to wake up in the morning. Far from it! I do think it is important, however, to make a plan for at least one after work activity. Putting something on the calendar holds you accountable for actually following through, and despite the fact that around 4 pm I am always thinking “why did I make plans? I just want to go sit on my couch” that is the exact reason why plans are necessary. Never once have I gone out on a school night and been on the way home thinking “man, a few episodes of That 70’s Show on Netflix would have been better than that.”

Go out to dinner with another couple, get drinks with an old friend, go see a movie. Almost every option that you could think of allows you to still be home by 10, so you will get plenty of sleep. The best part? When you walk in to work the next day, you will go in with a wee bit less stress because you will be reminded how full and complete your life is. It doesn’t matter what happens at work because you simply need to put in your hours. When you go out on school nights you are no longer “workin for the weekend.” Every day has the ability to be filled with just as much joy as the weekend. There is no rule that says that you don’t get to have fun on weeknights. We are over the age of ten, so we won’t get in trouble!

The Importance of Traditions

There is a sentence amongst my family that they love to tease me with: “Emi isn’t good at change.” Sometimes it is said lovingly, sometimes with an edge because they wish I was better with moving with the times. It has been a joke for years and years. What makes this statement so interesting, though, is that it is a bit incomplete. I readily admit that I am not good with change. However, it is only certain changes that I struggle with. I am a firm believer in traditions, and I am both honored and grateful to be the person in my family that demands we keep them going. Continue reading “The Importance of Traditions”

Why Mondays are the Greatest Day of the Week

There is a meme that I love so very much. It reads “Do sharks complain that it is Monday? No. They are up early, biting things, being scary, reminding people that they are a {expletive} shark.” I think about this every Monday. Expletive aside, I really think that whoever put this together was on to something. Because it isn’t just sharks that don’t complain about Mondays. I don’t either. Unpopular opinion: Mondays are the very best day of the week.

Continue reading “Why Mondays are the Greatest Day of the Week”