12 days of Christmas Cookies – Sugar Cookies with Autumn Walters

For today’s post, I invited one of my dear friends from Pure Barre, Autumn, to share her story. Autumn and I met one fateful day at the studio, and we were each other’s biggest cheerleaders as we attempted to hit 250 classes in one year. Over the years we have shared our love of Pure Barre, family, shared wedding visions, and most importantly: cookies! Continue reading “12 days of Christmas Cookies – Sugar Cookies with Autumn Walters”


12 Days of Christmas Cookies – Cyclops Cookies with Martha Chambers

I realized in planning out my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies that precisely because of the fact that all of my recipes are stolen from her, I would be absolutely  remise if I didn’t feature my own mother! As the woman who taught me to bake, and the brains behind the entire cookie operation at our house, we need to hear from the master!

From Martha:

Within a few readings of Emily’s blog, one immediately notices that this girl loves to bake! She comes by it honestly as both sisters and her mom are happiest when we are baking – particularly when we get to give it away! Molly’s cakes are blue ribbon worthy and Merry Grace’s banana bread is “I’ll just have one more piece” delicious, but the real crème de la crème is our cookies!

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Thanksgiving Number One – Girls Giving

Most Americans know that there was a law passed in the 40s proclaiming that Thanksgiving shall be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November. What many don’t know is that this law came to the drawing board after a big hullabaloo in 1939 that caused many Americans to celebrate not one, but two Thanksgivings. You see, there were five Thursdays in the month of November, 1939. In order to make certain that our loyal and commercialized citizens had enough time to shop for Christmas (yay the capitalistic machine!), business leaders appealed to FDR, asking that we celebrate on the fourth, rather than last Thursday. He agreed. Others didn’t. This led to, as I say, a hullabaloo, and an abundance of turkey. Continue reading “Thanksgiving Number One – Girls Giving”

The Importance of Traditions

There is a sentence amongst my family that they love to tease me with: “Emi isn’t good at change.” Sometimes it is said lovingly, sometimes with an edge because they wish I was better with moving with the times. It has been a joke for years and years. What makes this statement so interesting, though, is that it is a bit incomplete. I readily admit that I am not good with change. However, it is only certain changes that I struggle with. I am a firm believer in traditions, and I am both honored and grateful to be the person in my family that demands we keep them going. Continue reading “The Importance of Traditions”